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We experience role of AI everywhere, it is now omnipresent. From agriculture sector to space study and exploration we feel and enjoy the presence of AI and obviously the Machine learning.Our main focus to unite all the stakeholders involved in AI and Machine Learning.Ubiquitous AI-driven software that utilizes deeps learning and machine learning models to enable conversational AL, autonomous machines, machines vision, and other AI technologies, require serious engineering. We focus to create a best knowledge feast for the upcoming student and workforce community.
Increased computing power and sensor data along with improved AI algorithms are driving the trends towards machine learning be run on the end device, such as smarphones or automobiles, rather than in the colud.We delighted to bring together practitioners of AI, machine learning. Filled with technical talks, our conference is designed to teach and stimulate the audience, with top speakers sharing their own experiences, exhibiting best practices, and business use cases.With the cohesive environment for growth, broadcast all the recent development made to the Ubiquitous AI and Machine Learning.Study and discuss the various other interdisciplinary researches done to accelerate the development towards Ubiquitous AI and Machine Learning.Analyze and resolute with factors which inhibits the role of AI and Machine Learning.
Support and suggest the upcoming researchers to contribute and develop products, methods, process and more which can in turn bring benefits to all.This conference will be a unique confluence of networking, recreation, education, and practice themed to bring global wellbeing.We aim this conference on AI & Machine Learning also designed to help business and technology executives cut through the excitement and learn how intelligent technologies are being successfully deployed to build competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities, reduce costs and accelerate innovation efforts.An opportunity Immerse you in talks and presentation on AI Engineering frameworks, topics, and languages.
We expect that this conference will come out excited and exhausted, wanting more. Sure will get a better understanding of how to build intelligent applications, learn and observer how others are using intelligent techniques. This will introduce new tools and techniques, which can improve workflow, or induce to start AI & Machine learning career, ultimatum is to result in global wellbeing.

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