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Scopes and Benefits

Every one of the points detailed below should give you a fair idea of all the entire scope of the IFERP-organized conference on Ubiquitous AI and Machine Learning, as well as its benefits.

Several interactive Q&A sessions, panel discussions, talks, and interviews featuring some of the most renowned AI and machine learning experts have been planned as part of this conference. By attending these interactive gatherings and engaging with panelists, participants will obtain the necessary inspiration they need from stalwarts of these fields, to go ahead and forge their own careers as AI and machine learning experts.

Numerous high-profile case studies will be presented by globally renowned AI and ML experts. These case studies will give participants an insider's perspective on all the different ways in which AI and ML are being put to use, across several sectors of the world economy and human-life, to help solve challenges and impediments to peaceful living and progress.

This conference will also provide a platform for all participants who have already carried out pioneering research studies in these areas, to exhibit the findings and outcomes of these studies in front of a global audience comprising members of the AI community. This exposure will help them acquire the recognition that they deserve for their incredible work and also open the door to a world of lucrative career and collaborative opportunities.

Various social gatherings have also been organized as part of this conference. These events are separate from the main sessions and will not divert the focus of participants from the knowledge and insights being shared. These social gatherings will give participants the opportunity to meet the people who inspire them and pick their brains for more advice, guidance, and suggestions on how they can go about progressing their careers as globally-renowned AI and machine learning experts.