About Us


IFERP, or the Institute for Educational Research and Publication, is renowned for its focus on engineering, science, and technology. With a global vision, IFERP aims to unite the scientific community through digital innovation, prioritizing the advancement of industrial trends and the dissemination of the latest research. With a presence across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and beyond (including countries like Iraq, Malaysia, and Australia), IFERP offers many things: publication, networking, and research support in various scientific fields.

IFERP is well known for hosting international conferences to bring together scientists, researchers, students, and professionals worldwide for collaboration. Additionally, they publish articles indexed by Web of Science and SCOPUS. They also organize important webinars and provide comprehensive research aid and guidance.

Key objectives of IFERP include promoting Industry-Institute Interaction and contributing to Youth Empowerment projects. Through initiatives focused on faculty growth, skill development, and ongoing research and publication projects; IFERP is dedicated to supporting professionals in their research journeys.


The commitment of IFERP is the dedication to the professional journey by providing access to a high-quality platform. Here's what they focus on

  • Promoting Innovation: Inspiring creativity and keeping up with the newest developments in engineering, science, and technology.
  • Collaboration : Actively partnering with institutions, organizations, and associations to build a better future together.
  • Publication Opportunities : Offering opportunities for research papers to be published in respectable journals, hence enhancing recognition and knowledge dissemination.
  • Academic Resources : Providing access to educational resources and support for researchers in both rural and urban locations.
  • Diverse Learning Opportunities : Conferences, webinars, seminars, guest lectures, training courses, and faculty development programs are among the many learning opportunities offered by IFERP.

Mission & Vision

Mission : “Upskilling the knowledge hub through technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity”

Vision : “A Digitally equipped robust, dynamic & swift professional community integrating academics & industry for upgraded technical knowledge implementation.”


IFERP believes that there is always a better way to treat the professionals by providing them a world class stage by organizing conferences. We are committed to doing the following activities:-

We encourage convenient access to academic resources and support for all the aspirants and research scholors in urban and rural areas.

IFERP organizes public education programmes, Workshops, Conferences, Webinars, Seminars, Guest Lectures, Short Term Training Programme, Faculty Development programme in the field of Engineering, Science & Technology.

IFERP is dedicated to inquisitiveness, innovations and recent trends and developments in the field of Engineering & Technology.

IFERP believes in knowledge sharing by collaborating with other Universities, organizations/Associations, to bring a better tomorrow.