Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

  • Oral Presentation
  • Poster Presentation
  • Virtual Presentation

Oral Presentation

At Beyond Intelligence 2024, you can share your ideas or research in a lively oral presentation. Use engaging slides to show your findings and capture the audience's attention. This is your chance to impress everyone with your work and express your passion!

Guidelines For Oral Presentation

  • Maintain a logical flow between each slide for easy understanding by your audience.
  • Incorporate visual aids like graphs and charts to highlight key points and enhance comprehension.
  • Avoid overwhelming viewers with complex data and statistics.
  • Stick to the 6-6-6 rule: six words per bullet, six bullets per slide, and a maximum of six text slides consecutively.
  • Use clear, legible fonts with good contrast.
  • When it comes to font, you should keep a consistent font style throughout the presentation.
  • Aim for a font size of at least 30 points.
  • Steer clear of flashy animations and vivid colours that can distract or confuse your audience.
  • Keep your presentation concise, aiming for a duration of 8-10 minutes to maintain audience engagement.