Submission FAQ

Submission FAQ

Take a look at some of the questions regarding submission below. And yes, if you can't find the information you require, please contact us +91 8015008054

  • Q.1. Can I still attend the conference if my abstract isn't accepted?

    Ans: Can I still attend the conference if my abstract isn't accepted?

  • Q.2. How do I send my abstract?

    Ans: Use our template to submit your abstract through the Abstract submission link. If you face any challenges, you can also send your abstract to Abstract Page link

  • Q.3. Can I present the work if I'm the Co-author?

    Ans: Yes, with the main author's consent, you can present the work. Without their approval, presenting the paper won't be possible.

  • Q.4. Is it necessary to submit an abstract to attend the Beyond Intelligence 2024?

    Ans: No, an abstract submission isn't needed to attend the conference. You can register as a Delegate/Listener to participate in this event.

  • Q.5. Is Video/Skype presentation an option?

    Ans: Yes, we offer options for Video/Skype presentations. Refer to the attached format and guidelines in the presentation guidelines.

  • Q.6. Am I eligible to join as an Advisory Board Member, Session Chair, or Keynote Speaker?

    Ans: Yes, you can. Simply complete and submit the online application form for Committee Members, attaching your photo & C.V. You can also reach out to the Program Manager at

  • Q.7. Can you sponsor our travel and accommodation?

    Ans: Unfortunately, as a non-profit association, IFERP is unable to sponsor your travel and accommodation at this point.

  • Q.8. Can the submission date be extended?

    Ans: We encourage timely submissions, but extensions may be considered for valid reasons like natural calamities, maternity leave, health issues, or political challenges.

  • Q.9. Can I pay the early bird fee after it expires?

    Ans: No, the early bird fee is only applicable within the specified timeframe and cannot be availed once it expires.

  • Q.10. How many pages are allowed for a full paper?

    Ans: For a full paper, we allow 6 to 8 pages.

  • Q.11. What is the price for extra pages?

    Ans: The charges for additional pages vary and are set by the specific journal to which you are submitting. For precise details, refer to the guidelines provided by the respective journal.

  • Q.12. What is the word limit of the abstract?

    Ans: Your abstract should be between 200 to 250 words, offering a precise summary of your research.

  • Q.13. Do I have to include my biography in the abstract?

    Ans: Yes, it's important to include a biography (100 - 150 words) in your abstract. This helps readers connect with the researcher behind the work.