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About Conference

Welcome to International Conference on 1st International Conference on IOT-AI & ML in Information Technology in the month of March 2022. We experience role of AI everywhere, it is now omnipresent. From agriculture sector to space study and exploration we feel and enjoy the presence of AI and obviously the Machine learning.Our main focus to unite all the stakeholders involved in AI and Machine Learning.Ubiquitous AI-driven software that utilizes deeps learning and machine learning models to enable conversational AL, autonomous machines, machines vision, and other AI technologies, require serious engineering. We focus to create a best knowledge feast for the upcoming student and workforce community.

Guest of Honor

Karan Singh Sisodia

R Ramanan has served as the First Mission Director, of the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) Additional Secretary at NITI Aayog ( National Institution for Transforming India) between June 2017 - May 2021 - a flagship national Innovation and entrepreneurship initiative launched by the PMO Govt of India

As the Mission Director of AIM, Ramanan has been instrumental in the launch and execution of several nationwide innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives resulting in

10000+ Atal Tinkering Labs being established in schools nationwide with 8700+ currently operational in 650+ districts and 4 million+ students having access to innovative technologies like 3D printers, Robotics, IOT, electronics do it yourself kits. 75+ Atal Incubation Centers selected with 68+ Operational in Univ / industry with 2050+ Startups , 640+ women led Startups. 20 Atal Community Innovation Centers being established in Tier2, Tier-3 cities, Rural India 56 Atal New India ARISE (applied Research and Innovation for small enterprises) challenge winners selected creating Make in India product / service innovations with Ministries of India one of the largest Mentors of Change networks with over 5000+ mentors nationwide to mentor school students and Startups. 40+ Corporate, NGO, Public Sector and International Innovation Partnerships of AIM R Ramanan was previously Managing Director & CEO of CMC Ltd, a subsidiary of the globally acclaimed Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Under his leadership CMC share price grew over 2100% between October 2001 to 2014, its operating profits over 1338%, leading to its successful amalgamation into TCS in 2015.

Ramanan joined TCS in 1981 graduating from IIT Mumbai in Electrical Engg and played an instrumental role in the growth of TCS. He is a Harvard Business School Alumni (HBS AMP187) , accredited in Sustainability Leadership by Cambridge University and has an Hon Doctorate awarded by Gujarat Law Society. Ramanan was awarded the 2019 National Digitalist of the year by SAP-MINT, the 2020 Outstanding National Public Service Award by Confederation of MSME. He received most “Valueable CEO awards” from Businessworld India twice in a row, Asia Outstanding CEO award from CMO Asia, Singapore, Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani and Indira Gandhi Sadhbhavana awards

Ramanan is Lifetime Chair of HBS AMP187, Board member of Israel India Innovation forum, eSamshiksa, Unnati GOI initiatives, Chair of New Zealand Trade Enterprises Beachheads, Board Member of Indo US Technology Trade forum ( IUSTTF), Indo US AI Committee, & Fmr Member of Tata Group Innovation Forum

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All accepted papers will be published in Scopus/WOS indexed journals

Objective of the Conference

Important Dates

Early Bird Registration

02nd February, 2022

Acceptance Notification

21st March, 2022

Registration Deadline

22nd March, 2022

Session Tracks

Session 1: Natural Language Processing and intelligent information Retrieval

Session 2: Artificail Intelligence and Futuristic Applications

Session 3: Robotics and intelligent Automation

Session 4: Artificial Intelligence in Personal Finance

Session 5: Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Session 6: Deep learning and Artificial Neural Networks

Session 7: Cyber-physical systems and industry 4.0

Session 8: Computer vision and image processing

Session 9: Data Science and Predictive Models

Session 10: Practical Application and Machine Learning

Session 11: Cognitive IOT for Healthcare

Session 12: Healthcare Decision Support System

Session 13: Intelligent Bots and Speech Processing

Session 14: Cyber Threat and Cyber Security

Session 15: Quantum Computing Applications

Session 16: Fuzzy Decision Making and Genetic Algorithms

Session 17: Big Data Analysis for Cloud and IOT Applications

Session 18: Sustainable Intelligent System

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Benefits of IOT-AI & ML in Information Technology Conference

A few of the benefits that participants attending the 1st IOT-AI & ML in Information Technology IFERP conference, will gain, include -

  • The chance to cement their understanding of fundamental AI and machine learning concepts and ideas, in order to be able to progress easily and gain mastery over more advanced subject matter.
  • Exclusive access to real-time statistics on exactly how AI and machine learning are being put to use across several industries and sectors of the global economy.
  • Practical insight on how participants can put AI and machine learning to use for their own gain, whether it be for their companies, research ventures, studies, or otherwise.
  • The chance to improve their skills and technological prowess in these fields, so that potential employers may notice their extraordinary expertise and skills.
  • Comprehensive support and assistance for carrying out pioneering research work aimed at solving major challenges to progress and advancement in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • The chance to sit and learn at the feet of the world's foremost AI and machine learning experts from countries such as Japan, South Korea, India, the United States, China, and Australia.
  • Aside from being able to learn all the most essential fundamentals of artificial intelligence and machine learning, participants will receive insight into many advanced topics such as - Machine Translation, Transformer-Based Deep Learning Arch itectures, Computational Neuroscience, Behavior-Based AI, Kolmogorov Complexity, Natural Language Processing, Feedforward Neural Networks, and more.
  • Participants of this highly anticipated event will also obtain numerous chances to have one-on-one, face-to-face discussions with the AI and machine learning experts who have been invited by IFERP to speak at this conference. The sheer amount of knowledge and information that they will be able to glean from these interactions will prove to be invaluable.

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